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Sprint Review meetings take place at the end of the sprint to demo new functionality to the product owner and other stakeholders. However, to shorten the feedback loop, it can be advantages to conduct a Story Review meeting during a sprint, as stories are being worked on and completed. Anytime a product owner or other stakeholder wants to gather feedback or facilitate conversation regarding a story, a Story Review can take place. The story review can help identify minor changes required by the product owner which can be implemented within the current sprint itself and delivered at the end of the sprint, provided all acceptance criteria are met, as well as the definition of done.

In Jira Align, this is accomplished by clicking the Review Stories link available on the right side of the Story panel.


Clicking the Review Stories link opens the Story Review page. 

  1. Select a PI and a sprint from the drop-down menus in the top-left of the page; all of the stories assigned to the specified PI and sprint display as a scrollable collection of story summary information (one story displays at a time). 
  2. Use the Previous Story and Next Story control buttons at the top of the page to cycle through each story and review the story summary information and statistics.
  3. The story name is a clickable link that will open the Stories page/panel if edits are required during the review meeting.




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