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Jira Align administrators that oversee on-premise deployments of the platform, for either 9X or 10X versions, should set up regularly scheduled maintenance of their Jira Align databases. We encourage regular database maintenance and offer the following recommendations.

Use the SQL Server Maintenance Plan Wizard to set up a basic maintenance routine, which could include the following:

  1. Database integrity check.
  2. Statistics update.
  3. Database backups, full and with transaction logs (Backing up the transaction log truncates the log and allows you to reuse the space; otherwise, the transaction log will continually grow).
  4. Maintenance cleanup of backup files and maintenance plan report files.

An example routine could look similar to this:


For a more intelligent and robust index maintenance plan, download the SQL Server Index and Statistics Maintenance script (© 2017 Ola Hallengren | E-mail: ola@hallengren.com | Sweden). Be sure to view the license and permissions notifications. 

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