10X: Backlog for Themes

A backlog is a prioritized list of work for the development team that is derived from the roadmap and its requirements. The most important items are shown at the top of the backlog so the team knows what to deliver first. The development team pulls work from the backlog as there is capacity for it.

You can manage and prioritize the themes in the theme backlog. To prioritize your themes, you can drag and drop them to the necessary position. Ranking is disabled if filtering is on.

You can click a title of a theme to open a slide-out panel with more information about that work item.

Note: To view the theme backlog, select a portfolio on the Configuration bar.


  • State: A state of a theme’s development.
  • ID: A unique ID for a theme.
  • Name: A name of a theme.
  • Schedule: A sprint a theme will be delivered in.
  • Strategic Initiative: A theme's strategic initiative type.

Columns shown

The Columns Shown option offers to select which columns to display, providing some level of customization.

For the Theme Backlog, you can choose to view such columns as Major Theme, Process Step, Quarterly Goals, Strategic Initiative, and Theme Budget.


With the available filtering options, you can filter themes by major theme, process step, title, strategic initiative, and state.

Right-click menu options

For faster navigation in the backlog, right-click a theme to do the following:

  • Open in new tab: Open the work item in the full-page view in a new tab.
  • Move To Top: Move the work item to the top of the list the work item is contained in.
  • Move To Bottom: Move the work item to the bottom of the list the work item is contained in.
  • Move To Position: Select the place to move the work item to. It is useful when you have a long list and dragging the work item is not convenient.
  • Move To Program Increment: Move the work item to a certain program increment or an unassigned backlog. 
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