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Welcome to Jira Align 10X! Here you'll find an outline of the enablement content embedded in Jira Align, our expanded documentation, and growing video series to help you get started.

Jira Align 10X Training Simulations

Training simulations, available via the Checklist feature, are interactive videos that promote training, onboarding, and continued learning of Jira Align features, workflows, and modules. The training simulation checklists and associated simulations are authored by Jira Align and provided free of charge as part of Jira Align's Enablement Framework.

This feature allows users to follow a comprehensive list of relevant actions or steps to be taken, in a specific order, needed to learn a task or workflow. Each step in the list links directly to a video training simulation. User interaction is required, when prompted on screen, to advance the simulations; for example, clicking or selecting elements on screen that simulate actual Jira Align scenarios.

Jira Align 10X Coaching Cards

New to Jira Align 10X are Coaching Cards that accompany every page and report. In the lower right corner, you'll see a blue Help button. Clicking that button will result in slide-out Coaching Card that pulls pertinent Help Center content right into the platform. No longer do you have to navigate to an external website! 

We also expanded the content available for each report. In addition to an overview of the report, you'll find perquisites (e.g. what data elements must be populated), detailed calculations, and coaching on how to interpret the report.

Jira Align 10X Help Widget

After reviewing the Coaching Card, if additional information is needed, you can click the blue More Help button in the lower right corner of the page (see the screenshot above). This will open a widget that allows you to search for additional Help Center content and create a support ticket right from the page.

You don’t have to log in to the Help Center: logging into Jira Align using your user credentials will log you into the Help Center. However, if you’re using Jira Align on on-premise, you may not have access to the Help Center, depending on your organization’s configuration.

Help Video Series

Along with the launch of 10X, we launched a new video series. We'll continue to build out the library, but currently you can find videos on 10X navigation, the context menu, backlogs, and more! If there are areas of the platform or topics you'd like a video for, let us know!


All documentation has been refreshed and enhanced for 10X. These will live side-by-side with version 9 articles. Just look for the sections and articles tagged with 10X!


With all of the new enablement content and channels, our goal is for you to be successful without having to open a Support Ticket. But in those cases where you can't find the answer to your question or come across a bug, you can reach our team by submitting a Support Ticket. 

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