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In the Ideation module, assigned users can participate in the prioritization of ideas by voting on the ideas in the list. An Idea Group is set up with one of two possible voting mechanisms:

  • For/Against Voting: a user can register either a For vote or an Against vote for each idea. If the Idea Group is configured to use the For/Against voting, the users can click the green up arrow button to vote for the idea or the red down arrow button to vote against the idea.
  • Token Voting: a user can distribute their total token count proportionally to their favorite ideas. If the Idea Group is configured to use the Token-based voting, the users can click under the Idea Score to allocate some of their tokens to the idea. Users can see how many tokens they used and how many they have left. They can also see a notification when they run out of tokens.

When users select an Idea Group that they are part of, they will see a list of Ideas, ranked by the votes/tokens already received (positive, neutral, and then negative). If voting is turned off, the ideas are sorted alphabetically by title.

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