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The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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With the workflow management option, you can track all changes made to your working items and always be aware of the current situation, up to 50 users per individual email. You can set notifications when the following items get added, edited, or deleted: builds, CVRs, defects, dev tasks, enhancements, epics, features, hotfixes, impediments, iterations (sprints), life cycles, objectives, program dependencies, program increments, QA tasks, release vehicles, risks, stories, team dependencies, teams, terminations, and test cases.

If an item is associated with a program only, all roles in the program selected in workflow will receive an email outlining the changes. If an item is associated with a program and team, all roles on the teams selected in workflow will receive an email outlining the changes. Messages will not be sent to the entire program.

As an example, this topic describes the workflow of defects. Some items may not require selecting a PI; and some may require only entering the email address without selecting the roles to be notified.

To manage your workflow:

  1. If you’re using the new navigation, select the Settings gear Gear in the top navigation bar. If you’re using the old navigation, select Administration in the left Nav menu.
    On the left side of the page, select Email in the Settings section.
  2. On the Email Settings page, select the Workflow Email tab.
  3. Next to Workflow, make sure Currently On is selected (is green) to make the managing workflow option active.
  4. Next to Architecture Review, make sure Currently On is selected (is green) if the architecture review of items is required.
  5. From the Workflow Type drop-down menu, select Defects.
  6. From the Program Increment drop-down menu, select the PI to which the defects belong.
  7. In the Notify By Email section, turn on the options for the Agile team roles you want to notify about the changes made to the item.
  8. Click Save Changes.

Important: To receive such email notifications, users must have the Change Tracking Emails option turned on in their personal settings.

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