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With Jira Align, you can send scheduled messages at a certain time and date so the users receive them when needed. You can send messages on a weekly or monthly basis to remind the team of deadlines or other deliverables, up to 50 users per individual email.

From the scheduled messages grid, you can edit or delete the messages you create. The green check mark shows if the message is active. Only inactive messages can be deleted.

To validate the message sent and the users it was sent to, you can view the log information. Clicking Log in the scheduled messages grid downloads an .xls file with the email subject and date and time the message was sent, user names and email addresses the message was sent to. The log shows only the last email sent information for each message. When a new email is sent, the previous log is no longer available—it is replaced with the log from the new email.

To create a scheduled message:

1.        If you’re using the new navigation, select the Settings gear Gear in the top navigation bar. If you’re using the old navigation, select Administration in the left Nav menu.

2.        On the left side of the page, select Email in the Settings section.        

3.        On the Email Settings page, select the Scheduled Email tab, and then click Create New.

4.        Select the Enable this message check box to make this message active. If this check box is not selected, the message will not be sent and will appear as inactive in the message grid.

5.        Select if this message will be sent on a weekly or monthly basis.

6.        For a weekly message:

a        Set the time and days for when the message will be sent.

b        Set the start and end dates for the messages. By default, the start day is set for today's date. You can omit the end date, but in this case the message will be sent infinitely.

7.        For a monthly message:

a        Set the time for the message.

b        Set the date range and frequency for the message:

o        Option 1. Example: Day 5 of every 2 months.

o        Option 2. Example: The first Thursday of every 2 months.

8.        From the Recipients drop-down menu, select one or multiple roles who will receive the message. You can also select all roles.

        Use the Advanced Recipient Filters option to create dynamic filters to send messages without having to create a filter for every message.

9.        Optionally, from the Region drop-down menu, select one or multiple regions where users with the selected roles will receive the message.

10.        Type the subject and text of your message, click Save, and then close the dialog box.

Note: Click Send Message Now to send the message right now even if the Enable this message check box is not selected. Click Test to send a message to yourself to see how it looks.

Advanced recipient filters

Advanced Recipient Filters are a configurable set of options to help you manage your scheduled messages. Note that here you can enter email addresses so non-Jira Align users can get messages too.

Individual email addresses are grouped as Custom Emails on the main message page. The Recipients and Region drop-down menus are synchronized between the main message page and advanced filter. When the filter is saved, its name is added above the Recipients list. All members that meet the filter criteria and those from the Recipients drop-down menu on the main page are sent a message.


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