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In this section, you can decide what settings to configure for your team. 

To manage team settings:

  1. If you’re using the new navigation, select the Settings gear Gear in the top navigation bar. If you’re using the old navigation, select Administration in the left Nav menu.
  2. On the left side of the page, select Platform in the Settings section.

In Jira Align, you can configure the following team settings:

  • Max Task Size In Hours: Controls the maximum size of a task. Lower task sizes encourage better estimates.
  • Points System: Controls which scheme of numbers is available to the team when voting on the size of a story. This also controls how WSJF is calculated (if applicable).
  • Velocity Range (+ or -): This number is a percentage of total points. It directly affects the distribution/range of the pessimistic, predicted, and optimistic forecast lines users see in Program Increment Progress reports under Drill Down. These lines help portfolio and program leaders create a high-level forecast based upon teams' velocity variability.
  • Default Days in Sprint: Controls the most common sprint duration. If you need multiple sprint durations, you can configure it. Best practice is to have one sprint duration for the enterprise.
  • Points to Hours Conversion: This is an optional setup that can be used to convert points to hours for teams that do not use tasks or hours. Each team's setup is tracked by hours, points, or cycle time.
  • Days in Sprint Minus Ramp: Allows you to build ramp time. For example, if you create a ten-day sprint, you can configure this setting to nine days to hold back a day for planning.
  • Manage Dependencies: Allows you to customize which dependency types are possible to create. You can view all possible dependency combinations and turn them on or off. Agile Team to Agile Team is always turned on and not configurable.
  • Manage Products: Turns on or turns off the product option when creating features and on the Configuration bar. This is necessary for organizations that need distinct programs and distinct products. Many organizations can align products and programs, which makes this setting unnecessary.
  • Manage Organizations: Turns on or turns off the Organization Structure field on the feature details slide-out, as well as the ability to filter by organization structure in the Configuration bar.
  • Enable Defect Allocation: Turns on or turns off a concise bucket to allocate and track time against defect fix, search, and verification. This is a strong method to stream defect management in contrast to adding every defect to the backlog.
  • Enable Backlog Chain Link: Turns on or turns off the story sequence on the features page. With the Story Sequence option, you can view and prioritize stories belonging to a certain feature.
  • Enable Item Link. Turns on or turns off the links functionality (Links tab) to sequence work items. It is used to create a link from one theme, epic, capability, feature, or story to another one to define that the work item cannot be started before the other one is finished.
  • Start and End Sprint Automatically: Controls if a sprint starts and ends automatically. With this setting enabled, sprints will start automatically at 11:59 PM on the first day of a sprint and end automatically at 11:59 PM on the last day of a sprint. It is especially useful for modern Agile teams that aren't using Scrum ceremonies and don't want to spend time on events that will happen anyway. With the option disabled, sprints will start only by a user’s action. This doesn’t apply to any teams integrated with the Jira connector.
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