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You can use Additional Options to manage the roles. The Permissions option is described in the table below.



Add Acceptance Criteria Constraints

Add and disable acceptance criteria constraints for epics, features, and stories (a constraint applies to all objects of that type in the selected program increment and program).

Add Agile Objects

Add themes, epics, features, stories, tasks, defects, risks, objectives, goals, and success criteria (any non-administration related object in the system).

Admin Manage Sprints

Add, edit, and delete sprints.

Admin Manage Teams

Add, edit, and delete teams.

Allow User to access the Jira Deleted Issue Report

Allow a user to run the Jira Deleted Issue Report.

Allow User to delete time entry

Allow a user to delete their time entry on a task.

Allow User to edit Feature Jira Project Keys (Multiple)

Allow the selection of multiple Jira projects for a feature.

Change Dependency Commit In Progress

Allow to mark a dependency that is committed back to not committed.

Complete Enhancement Requests

Mark ideas and enhancement requests complete in Enterprise > Ideation.

Create/Edit Feedback Groups

Add and edit groups.

Delete Agile Objects

Delete themes, epics, features, stories, tasks, defects, risks, objectives, goals, and success criteria (any non-administration related object in the system).

Edit Time Sheets

Edit time sheets.

Feedback Administrator

Manage feeds.

Import Stories/Tasks/Features

Use the import functionality.

Manage Agile Objects (Admin)

Add and edit objects in Administration, such as people and roles (any administration related object in the system).

Manage Blog

Manage blogs.

Manage Code Reviews

Modify the code review settings.

Manage Configuration

Edit configuration settings in Administration > Platform.

Manage Cost Centers

Add, edit, and delete project costing (cost centers) under Administration.

Manage HotFixes

Add, edit, and delete product fixes.

Manage NewsLetters

Manage newsletters.

Manage Roles

Add, edit, and copy roles.

Manage Story Mappings

Add, edit, and delete story maps under Program > Story/Functional Maps.

Manage Surveys

Add, edit, and delete assessments in Portfolio > Assessments.

Manage Theme Allocations

Allow management of theme allocations under Portfolio > Theme Planning.

Manage Users

Add, edit, lock, unlock, and import users.

Manage WorkFlow

Set up workflow rules for different objects (email notifications).

Merge Stories

Merge stories.

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