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The Time Tracking module will be removed from Jira Align in version 10.119.0.
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To view time projects and administration codes on the time tracking sheet:

  • Time tracking should be enabled for the user’s region (Administration > Time Tracking > Enable time tracking for this region) and the region should be set for the user (Administration > People > user details page). 
  • A time tracking period should be set for the week.
  • Time projects should be set to Active on the Time Projects page.
  • For the tasks to appear under the time project, the task set needs to be assigned to the time project.

On the time tracking sheet, users can see only the time projects and administration codes assigned to their team or to their employee classification type:

  • Administration codes: When users go to the time tracking sheet, they see the codes associated with their employee classification type (full-time, part-time, or contractor). For example, if an administration code is created for full-time employees, then when they go to the time tracking sheet, they will see the code. The part-time employees will not see this code. The same rules apply to the custom employee classifications.
  • Time projects: When users go to the time tracking sheet, they see the time projects their team is assigned to. Their team is associated with a time project through the Contributing Teams field, set on the Time Projects page. Users assigned to teams can track time against projects from the day they are added to a team until the day they are removed from a team.

Note: For the rules on entering time on the timesheet, see the Enter and Recall Time section.

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