Managing passwords

Add users

You can add users and assign them roles under Administration > People > Add. To add a user, see the Add users section. After you add a user, the user receives an invitation email (New User Setup) with a temporary password and a link to reset the temporary password.

You can configure the minimum password length, uppercase and numeric characters under Administration > Platform > Security.

Resend invitations 

You can resend an invitation email to new users to let them access the application even if their invitation link expired. To resend the invitation email, go to Administration > People, select the necessary user, and then click the Resend Invitation link. This link appears only if the user was created but did not sign in to the application.

You can configure the expiration time of the temporary links under Administration > Platform > Security. The maximum and default value is 24 hours.

Reset passwords

You can reset the user's password under Administration > People. Select the necessary user, and then click the Reset User Password link. If users cannot reset a password by themselves for any reason, you can send them a link to reset their password directly. Copy the link from the Password Reset Link box, and then send the link to a user.

Note: The ability to reset passwords will be removed when Administration > Platform > Security >  Disable Manual Sign In: is set to "Yes" as users will only be able to login via SSO.

Locked accounts

You can unlock the users' accounts if they were automatically locked out after a number of incorrect attempts to enter their password. To unlock the account, go to Administration > People, select the necessary user, and then click the Unlock link.

Deactivated accounts

You can deactivate users' accounts if they left the company or for any other security reasons, and you can also activate their accounts.

To activate or deactivate the account, go to Administration > People, select the necessary user, and then click the Activate or Deactivate link respectively. After you activated or deactivated a user’s profile, the status on the Edit User page will change to Active or Inactive respectively. 

You can also activate or deactivate users’ accounts by using the import functionality. Go to Administration > People > More Actions > Import Users Records. In the import template, find the Active User column and set the Active or Deactivated status for users. 

Users can be automatically deactivated if they did not sign in for a certain amount of days. This is set under Administration > Platform > Users. Once you set Automatically Deactivate Users parameter to YES, you can define the number of days in the Deactivate users that have not logged in for setting. Note: this setting is only available if Time Tracking is enabled.

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