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About this report

The Assessment Report displays feedback/answers to assessments that you create to measure team readiness, health, improvement, progress, or any other facet of Agile, such as maturity. Assessments are created in the form of tests/surveys--made up of categories, questions, and answer sets--that are delivered to individual users or entire teams. The assessment results for individual respondents are viewed in this report.

Note that you can only view results for assessments that you created. The report is generated by selecting an Assessment and a user from the drop-down menus at the top-left of the report.


  1. An assessment must be created and delivered to individuals or teams.
  2. At least one respondent must complete the assessment/return results.

How are report values calculated? 

Answers to questions listed on an assessment always correspond to a number 0-5. For example:

Question: Describe the Developments team's current state of readiness:

Answers: Not Applicable = 0, Will never be Ready = 1, Not Ready = 2, Almost Ready = 3, Ready = 4, Always Ready and Willing = 5

The answers provided by the selected user display in a data table next to the corresponding question, separated by category. The averages scores are provided at the bottom of each category.

How to interpret this report

Analyze the feedback from each respondent and look for meaning trends, hopefully leaning towards meaningful improvement or progress for categories and questions.

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