Assessments overview

Agile Assessments are tools that can be used to measure team readiness, health, improvement, progress, or any other facet of Agile, such as maturity. Assessments are created in the form of tests/surveys--made up of categories, questions, and answer sets--that can be delivered to individual users or entire teams. Assessment results can be viewed in various charts and reports, to filter and analyze the feedback.

An example assessment could like something like this:

The starting points for creating and managing assets is the Assessments landing page, which consists of three panels:

Manage Your Assessments: Create a new assessment, or manage the ones you have already created.

Live Assessments: Access assessments that have been delivered and are live for you to take; sectioned by individual and team assessments.

Assessment Results: Access results of completed assessments. View the results in various charts and reports for further analysis.

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