Use the Specifications page to write or link to technical specifications (specs), and tie them to stories. Story specs communicate a set of requirements that a product must meet or exceed to the developers and stakeholders. Specs can relate to various aspects of product development, such as functionality, accessibility, globalization, or implementation, to name a few. 

To add a new specification, follow these steps: 

  1. Select Team from the left menu bar, and then select Stories under the Manage section. The Stories page displays.


    Select Program from the left menu bar, and then select Specifications under the Manage section; the Specifications page displays. Proceed to step 5. 
  2. Add and save a new story, or open an existing story.
  3. In the Story panel, a menu of links displays on the right. Expand the menu so that all links in the list display.


  4. Click the Specifications link; the Specifications page displays.
  5. Click the Add Specifications button; the Create New Specification panel displays.
  6. Enter a title for the spec in the Title field.
  7. Write a description of the spec in the Description field. You can also use the field to enter the actual spec content, such as a script, requirements, or any other content that makes up the spec.
  8. Select the owner of the spec in the Owner field.
  9. Next, from the Type drop-down list, select the type of spec.
  10. If the spec is accessible via a URL, enter the address in the External Link field.
  11. If there are standards that apply to the spec that are accessible via a URL, enter the address in the Standards Link field.
  12. Click Save. Additional fields display that allow you to filter by program and sprint to select a story.
  13. Select one or more stories that the spec is tied to from the Story(s) drop-down menu.
  14. Click Save. The spec work item is created and tied to the selected story(s). The spec work item is now accessible directly from the Specifications page, or from the Specifications link of designated story(s).
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