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Built-in reports

Jira Align contains over 100 built-in reports to help you track and analyze your work at every level of scale. The reports search bar only shows built-in reports that the user has access to.

To access a report from the Reports landing page, use one of the three options below:

  1. Use the search bar to search for a specific report by keyword. For example, enter Program Increment to find all reports with Program Increment in the title, such as the Program Increment Progress report. If you are not exactly sure which report will best meet your needs, read the question associated with each report, visible in the search results. For example, the question associated with the Program Increment Progress report is "Are we going to finish this Program Increment on time?" 


  2. Use the drop-down menu at the top-left of the page with the questions associated with each report.
  3. Click any report card directly on the Reports landing page.

Note: Use a list of Report Categories on the left side to narrow the search to get more relevant reports.

External reports

If you have existing reports in external apps, you can host them in Jira Align using an IFrame. An IFrame (Inline Frame) is an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website. Like built-in reports, your external reports can be accessed from the Reports landing page, under the External Reports category.

From the External Reports category, you can add new external reports that meet the URL requirements set by your Jira Align administrator. To add a new external report:

  1. Select the External Reports category in the Reports landing.
  2. Select Add external report.
  3. In the slideout panel that displays, enter the report title and IFrame URL in the corresponding fields.
    Note: IFrame URLs must match an administrator-approved URL or URL pattern set in Reports Settings.
  4. In the Short Description textbox, enter a short summary of 75 characters or less. This short description will display as the report’s description on the reports landing page.
  5. In the Full Description textbox, enter a longer summary of 400 characters or less. The full description will display at the top of the IFrame view when the external report is opened.
  6. Select a height, width, and alignment for the IFrame in the corresponding fields. By default, height and width are both set to 2500 pixels.
  7. Select Save & Close. If you're using the new navigation, the new external report can now be viewed in the Reports section of the sidebar. If you're using the old navigation, it can be viewed from the reports landing in the External Reports section.

To edit external report details, click its name in the External Reports section to view the report, then click Edit View at the top-right of the page to open a slide-out panel with its details. To delete the report, click Delete on the right of the slide-out.


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