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About this report

The Program Quality report displays the overall progress of the selected PI at the quality level, providing a status of defects and test cases per epic, feature, and story. Each epic with open defects associated is color-coded according to the defect priority and count.

Clicking any of the numbers opens the defect grid filtered for the story in question.


  1. Select the Reports icon from the left Navigation menu.
  2. Start typing the report's name in the Search box. 
  3. Once found, select the report.

Note: You can also use the categories on the left to search for the needed reports.


  1. Program Increment (PI) must exist in the system and be tied to a program. 
  2. Sprints must exist in the system, and be tied to a team.
  3. Epics must be created and tied to the PI.
  4. Features must be created and tied to epics. 
  5. Stories must be created and tied to features.

How are report values calculated? 

  1. Open Defect Trend = Number of defects opened on a specific date.
  2. Defects = Number of open story defects with their priority.
  3. Test cases = Number of test cases created for the story that passed or failed.
  4. Color coding of a work item = Color of defect priority by a number of defects.
  5. Healthy epics/stand-alone features = Epics/stand-alone features that have no defects.
  6. Unhealthy epics/stand-alone features = Epics/stand-alone features that have open defects.
  7. Stand-alone features = Features that are not assigned to any epics.
  8. Stories not assigned to a feature = Stories without any parent features.
  9. Program totals = Total number of all open defects in a program.



How to interpret this report

This report is a quick way to appraise the quality of a program overall and a PI in particular by epic health. Problem areas quickly jump out as they are colored according to defect priority and a number of open defects.

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