Navigate to the backlog

Use backlog to stack, rank, and assign your items across teams, sprints, and PIs.

To navigate to the backlog:

  1. Select Team from the left menu bar.
  2. Under the Team section of the menu bar, select Backlog.
  3. From the Portfolio/Solution/Program/Team menu on the Configuration bar, select the level of hierarchy for your backlog, and then click Apply.
    Note: On the right, you can view the entire enterprise hierarchy where you can also select the level for your backlog. Additionally, you can search for a portfolio, solution, program, and team or use the Recent option.
  4. From the Program Increment menu, select one or multiple PIs, a PI range, or a time period under Quick Selects, and then click Apply.
  5. From the Viewing drop-down menu on the toolbar, select the work item for which you want to view the backlog. To see the backlog for stories and defects, you need to select a team or program on the Configuration bar.


  • If All is selected in the configuration on the toolbar, you will see all portfolios you have access to and all PIs cross-program in the global rank view.
  • If multiple portfolios are available, you need to select only one.
  • When a single team or multiple teams are selected, you will see the current and the next sprint for each team. If teams are within the same program, you cannot select a program. If the selected teams span different programs, you need to select a program.
  • When a single or multiple programs or solutions are selected, you will see the current and the next upcoming PI for each of the selected programs or solutions.
  • If any level of the team hierarchy is selected as well as a PI, you will only see the selected PI for each selected team, program, solution, or portfolio.
  • If only a PI is selected and the team hierarchy is set to All, you will see all programs and the highest level of work items you have access to.
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