Set bottom-up estimate for epics or features

Usually, companies just estimate stories without setting the estimates for features and epics. The bottom-up estimate pushes the estimates from stories up to the features and epics. You can use the bottom-up estimate to get a rough estimate for a certain epic or feature. The story points for the epic or feature are a sum of points from all stories associated with that work item.

After you set the bottom-up estimate, the current estimate you see under the corresponding column is shown on epic's or feature's page. To receive the calculated estimate, you need to set the bottom-up estimate.

To set the bottom-up estimate: 

  1. Select Portfolio from the left menu bar.
  2. Under the Portfolio section of the menu bar, select Epics; the Epics page displays.
  3. From the More Actions menu on the toolbar (top-right of the page), select Bottom-Up Estimate.
  4. On the Set Bottom-Up Estimates page, select a program increment and a program.
  5. Select the checkboxes of epics or stand-alone features that you want to set the estimate for or select the checkbox under Ranked Epics/Stand Alone Features to select all items.
  6. Under Swag Estimate, set the estimate for each work item.

Note: To set the swag estimate, record the figure under the Calculated Estimate column, and then go to Administration Settings > Platform > Portfolio > Estimation Conversions. Here, find the estimation method that you use: T-shirt size, Fibonacci numbers, or Power of 2. Next, under Team Weeks, find the figure that is closest to the calculated estimate figure and check its equivalent in your estimation method table. This will be your swag estimation. For example, your calculated estimate figure is 1.6, the closest figure under Team Weeks in the table is 1.4, and its equivalent in the table is 1, which is a swag estimate.

7. Click Change Estimates & Forecast, and then click OK in the confirmation message.


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