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Jira Align supports a four-level model for requirements as recommended by the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). SAFe is a base for implementing agile practices which scales agile from team to the enterprise level.

Portfolio, program, and team levels form people organization of Jira Align. Program, also called a release train in SAFe, is a group of teams that work on a common backlog to deliver features. Multiple teams roll up into a program, where a program backlog dictates the priority of work. The goal is to deliver features that are going to provide value to the end user. A Portfolio contains multiple programs and represents a distinct business unit within a company.

Content structure is comprised of epics, capabilities, features, and stories.

  • Epic, which can be synonymous with a project, is a large initiative that may take several quarters or even a year to complete. An Epic can be assigned several features and can span multiple program increments.
  • Capabilities are similar to features, but they describe higher-level solution behaviors than the features do. Capabilities fit within a single program increment to assure that each program increment delivers incremental and measurable value. Capabilities are optional; you can turn them on if your company supports this level.
  • Features group user stories and are chunks of functionality that deliver value to the end user. Feature sits within a program increment.
  • Stories are small, incremental pieces of functionality that provide value to the business. While Feature sits within a program increment, Story sits within a single sprint.


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