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With the Trace report, you can view all relationships associated with a particular item. You can trace epics, capabilities, features, and stories. To get started with the Trace report, go to any working item, for example, an epic, click it to open its slide-out panel with details, and then click Trace This Epic in the list on the right.

Any information found on the item is provided in the corresponding section. The following information about the item is available:

  • All external documents, specifications, and attachments
  • Related theme
  • Related epic, capability, feature, and story with the corresponding acceptance criteria and chats
  • Programs
  • Program increments and sprints
  • Risks (tied to the item, as well as risks to other work items in the PI)
  • Dependencies
  • Impediments
  • Tasks
  • Defects
  • Team and team members
  • Success criteria and more

Follow the arrows to understand the relationships. You can also click any item's ID to view its details.

For sections with large amounts of items, select View more to be redirected to a filtered grid view based on the Trace report view. For example, clicking View more in the Stories section when tracing an epic’s relationships will take you to the Stories page, filtered by the epic you’re tracing.

Note: Selecting View more in the list of team members will redirect you to the Teams grid with no filters applied.

You can switch to the list view of the report by clicking the List View button on the toolbar (top-right of the page).

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