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The Epic Planning report gives you a combined view of the most necessary reports that you will need to plan the implementation of your epic.

To access this report, open an epic's Details panel and select the Show More link on the right. Next, select Epic Planning from the list.

Hierarchy of work items

This hierarchy shows different levels of work items, such as theme, epic, capability, feature, and story. You can open each of these items on a new page by clicking them.


Accepted features and stories

This chart shows the number of expected and accepted features over a certain number of team weeks. Click Show By Story Points to view this chart by expected and accepted stories and delivered story points.

Backlog and program increment

This report shows features from the unassigned backlog and from the PIs to which the epic belongs. You can click the plus sign next to each feature to view its status, member and team weeks, and edit the feature. Also, search for the features in the Add Features to Epic box, and then click Add to add them to the epic. Alternatively, you can add a new feature by clicking +1.

Here, you can do the bottom-up estimate of your features in the PI by clicking Apply Bottom-Up Estimate. It shows SWAG, which is a rough estimate given by an expert in a certain field. It takes the combined estimates on the features and applies that into the epic estimate field (team weeks).


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