10X: Strategy Dashboard

About this report

The Strategy Dashboard report is a dashboard of your projects by health, risk level, allocation, status, budget, region, and funding. This report is generated by selecting one or several PIs.


  1. Program Increment (PI) must exist in the system and be tied to a program. 
  2. Themes must be created and tied to the PI.
  3. Epics must be created and tied to the PI.
  4. Team members must be allocated tasks for the sprints.

How are report values calculated?

  • Projects by Region = the geographic distribution of projects on a map. The color legend indicates the PI budget in US dollars. Point to any part of the map to view the details.
  • Risks = the number of risks open (red) versus closed (green) for the selected PIs. This helps track risks to improve team visibility and drive mitigation.
  • Program Increment Status = the number of PIs in progress (orange), planning (blue), or done/archive (green). Point to any part of the chart to view the details. This gives an idea of the overall progress of your projects.
  • Resource Availability (3 Months) = the team members' availability versus capacity in hours. This helps manage the resource allocation.
  • Funding Stages = the funding stage of the selected PI. The stages are defined (blue), business case (black), and funded (green).
  • Ranked Project Status = the list of projects sorted by their status. The details include a name of the PI, its status (planning, in progress, done, or archive), and health (on track, at risk, on hold, critical/slip, or done).
  • Program Increment Health = the PIs are broken down by the PI health. The PI health is done (green), at risk (orange), critical (red), on track (pink), or on hold (yellow).
  • Budget Vs Spent = the column chart of total budget available and spent in US dollars. This helps manage your project expenses.
  • Progress by Investment = the total versus completed number of epics (stand-alone features). This shows all themes that belong to the selected PIs.

How to interpret this report

This Strategic Dashboard gives a high-level overview of company's progress in achieving the project goals. With this dashboard, you can quickly evaluate the project’s progress, its bottlenecks if any, and the budget status of the project. The Strategy Dashboard may be useful to the higher-level executives to get a quick view of the PI’s progress.

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