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Innovation is a new idea, more effective device, or process. In Jira Align, people can submit innovations, discuss them, take part in innovation tournaments, and earn points to become a top innovator. Instructions on how to play are listed below.

Submit new innovations (make a deposit)

  • At any time, anyone can submit a new innovative idea.
  • Ideas are not limited to the product and should include process improvements.
  • Use The Vault to review your ideas as well as others' ideas for motivation.

Solve known issues (use office tournaments)

  • If you are invited to participate, you can help to solve issues in a fun and competitive way.
  • Tournaments challenge participants to come up with solutions to hard issues.

Earn innovation points (be the top innovator)

  • Earn points for new ideas or for solving known issues.
  • Points vary based on the scoring system.

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