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Innovation Vault is a searchable collection of everyone's innovations and ideas over time. You can view the following information in the idea vault.

  • Innovation name. The title of the submitted idea. Click the title to view the idea's details, such as entry date, short and full descriptions, benefits, costs, and implications. Some sections that you can view here are completed by product management on the Innovation Scoring tab.
  • Status. The color indicates if the idea is scored (green), not yet scored (orange), or declined (red). Product management can score or decline the idea on the Innovation Scoring tab.
  • Score. The number of points gained for the idea according to the scoring system. Product management assigns the score to the idea on the Innovation Scoring tab.
  • Category. The type of the submitted idea, which is Not AssignedHold on to itThink on itBounce it around, and Run with it. Product management defines the idea type on the Idea Scoring tab.
  • Inventor. The person who submitted the idea. Click the round icon with the inventors’ initials to view their title, system role, teams they belong to, and their roles in those teams.
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