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The configuration page contains various options to customize Jira Align to match your company’s preferred estimation method.

To configure your environment:

  1. If you’re using the new navigation, select the Settings gear Gear in the top navigation bar. If you’re using the old navigation, select Administration in the left Nav menu.
  2. On the left side of the page, select Platform in the Settings section.
  3. On the Team tab:
    1. From the Point System drop-down menu, select the point system your agile teams will use.
    2. From the Manage Products drop-down menu, select Yes for your product to be a required field on all features.
    3. Click Save Settings.
  4. On the Portfolio tab:
    1. From the Estimation System drop-down menu, select the estimation method for features, capabilities, and epics.
    2. Next to Estimation Conversions, click Manage Here.
    3. Enter the number of story points that one person working in your organization can deliver during one week, on average, in the As a general standard, how many story points does a person deliver in one week? field. This value is known as a Member Week, which is the base value used to convert into other estimation systems.
    4. Select the work item type to set up conversions for from the Work Item dropdown: epics, capabilities, or features.
    5. Enter the number of member weeks that would typically be needed to deliver a specific t-shirt size in the Member Weeks boxes. You can also edit the names of the default t-shirt sizes. Additional options include:
      • Sort  - enter a numerical value to control the order the T-shirt size row displays in dropdown menus. Lower numbers display first. 
      • X - Click the red X icon to remove a row from the list.
      • + Add new size - Click the Add new size link at the bottom of the table to add a new row.

Important! If you sync the t-shirt size field between Jira Align and Jira through the connector, the t-shirt size names in each system must be mapped in the settings menu found via the Configure link at Admin > Jira Settings > Jira Setup > T-Shirt. If a value is not mapped between systems, sync for that work item will fail. Also, if you delete a t-shirt size for features from the Estimation Conversions menu, features that have been set with the deleted size will revert to the No estimate value. This automatic change will not be reflected in the feature's Audit Log. If bidirectional sync to Jira is enabled, this change will not sync to Jira until another edit is made to the feature. 

The following conversions are generated for each estimation type section in the Estimation Conversions dialog:

      • Team Weeks - calculated as Member Weeks / 6 (six members per team)
      • FTE/mo (full-time equivalents per month) - calculated as Member Weeks / 4 (average of four weeks per month)
    1. Repeat steps 4-5 for other work item types, as necessary.
    2. Click Save to close the Estimation Conversions dialog.
    3. Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.

Tip: Click the Portfolio Specific Configuration button to select different options for each portfolio. Note that the Estimation Conversions menu is global and applies to all portfolios.

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