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The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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Additional board options are presented in the More Actions and Quick Toggles menus of the Kanban board.

  • Search. Filter the Kanban board by ID, name, description, owner, blocked status, color, tags, programs, themes, epics, and Jira projects (this option is available only if the Jira connector is configured for the Jira Align instance). If the Kanban board is associated with a team, then that team's related programs are listed in the search dialog box.
  • Run A Meeting. Add impediments and also view cards from the Kanban board assigned to team members. Click a plus sign next to the story to view the tasks. Click the name of the story or task to view it in a new window. Also, monitor the story and task status and time recorded for a task. To view all time recorded for a task, click the notepad icon next to it.
  • Lean Analytics. At the end of a meeting, dashboards show the following charts: cumulative flow, cycle time: overall, ScrumBan report, rate of new cards added to the board, rate of card movement on the board, cards by column status, cards in progress trend, completed cards trend, WIP override events, sections over their WIP limit, section counts by swim lane, section size by swim lane, cycle time, and throughput.
  • Macro View. You can see how everything lays out in a smaller scale. This is helpful for large boards.
  • Quick Load Cards. Quickly load agile objects such as defects, dependencies, risks, and other.
  • Show Team. Click to show users on the board.
  • Show Tags. Click to show all tags on the board.
  • Unassigned Only. Click to show only unassigned items on the board.
  • Show Exit Criteria. Put exit policy in place. Your team might have specific requirements that need to be met before it can move a card to another place.
  • Small Cards. Use this option for a more convenient way to arrange your cards.
  • Show Entire Board. Click to show all swim lanes on the board.
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