Kanban board settings


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A set of icons under the columns help you better explore the Kanban board settings.

  • The trash icon deletes the column.
  • The horizontal line icon creates rows, and the vertical one—columns.
  • The gear icon shows a number of options:
    • Fast Add
    • Mass Add or Remove
    • Move All Items To
    • Assign All to User
      • This functionality will assign users to the cards but will not update the owner of the associated work items.  For a Kanban board that synchronizes the cards with the associated work items the Back Kanban views can be utilized.
    • Waiting List
    • Setup Workflow
  • The arrow icons move the whole top level column to the left or right respectively.

If a column has any child columns, the following additional icons are displayed:

  • The double arrow icon undoes the column and removes certain history data for items.
  • The plus sign adds another child column.
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