Jira integration prerequisites


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Supported Jira versions

The connector supports all Atlassian-supported Jira versions. See the Atlassian Support End of Life Policy for a full list of supported Jira versions. 

Jira server information



1. Is your Jira instance accessible over the Internet? (*see below if No)


2. Does the Jira server have a publicly trusted SSL certificate? (https) (**see below if No)


3. What is the URL to access Jira?

 Fill in the URL ___________________________________ 

* If both Jira and Jira Align are planned to be on site behind the firewall, then a VPN access for both the Jira Align engineer and the solutions architect is required. If no VPN access is provided to the Jira Align team, there is an additional license fee.

** You must obtain a publicly trusted SSL certificate from a certificate provider and install it on the Jira Server.

Jira user and project prerequisites

1. Create a Jira user specifically for the integration process and provide the user name and password to your assigned solutions architect. The user must have the following project permissions on all Jira projects that you plan to synchronize to Jira Align:

  • Administer projects
  • Browse projects
  • Manage sprints
  • Assignable user
  • Assign issues
  • Close issues
  • Create issues
  • Edit issues
  • Link issues
  • Modify reporter (if you consolidated the Create and Edit Jira screens)
  • Resolve issues
  • Schedule issues
  • Transition issues
  • Add comments

Additionally, the user must have the Browse Users and Groups global permission enabled in Jira.

Note: If your Jira instance includes users in languages other than English, ensure that your Jira service user's language setting is set to English (US or UK) in Jira, and do not use Jira user translations for issue type field values so that they match the default Jira issue type names (Epic, Story, etc.)

2. Ensure that each Jira project and its issues meet the following criteria:

  • Both the Create Issue and Edit Issue screens have the Jira Story Points field editable by the Jira Align user account.
    • Note: A Story Points field must be enabled for the Epic issue type in Jira Projects you connect to if the Enable Feature Point Sync setting is set to Yes in Jira Align. This setting controls the sync of points from Jira Align features to Jira epics, and syncs will fail if a field is not found in Jira. Because Jira Align converts an entered estimate into all three available estimation systems, syncing will always send a points value to Jira when the setting is enabled.  
  • When a work item's state changes, the Jira workflow is configured to only require a reason for changing the state and no other fields are required. This is needed for the proper bidirectional syncing of state for stories and features (epics in Jira).
  • To ensure project-specific mappings are correct, refer to the Jira API call below. Jira Administrators, replace "mycompany.atlasssian.net" with the URL for your Jira instance and replace "CON-79" issue key with an issue key ID from the project(s) that will be integrated with Jira Align.


Jira Data Center prerequisites

If you're using Jira Data Center with your Jira connector, the Jira application setting for User email visibility must be set to PUBLIC or LOGGED IN USERS ONLY.

API URLs for Jira connector

These are the four API-based URLs that the Jira connector requires.





The documentation for the above APIs can be found here:


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