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Note: Due to a deployment issue with a previously unreported feature, this article has been deleted and then republished. This method is used to provide notification emails to users subscribed to Release Notes updates. Please see the Objectives tree (new experience): Hierarchy view for goals section below for details. 

The Atlassian Jira Align team is pleased to announce Jira Align v.10.113

Enhancements and Features

These features for 10.113 were released to environments on the continuous release track on October 21, 2022, in version 10.113.0. The features will then be released to environments on the bundled release track on November 4, 2022, in version 10.113.2:

.NET 6 required soon for on-premise instances

As previously announced, Microsoft will soon be ending support for .NET 3.1, which is required to install an on-premise instance of Jira Align. Please upgrade your environments to version .NET 6, no later than December 7, 2022, to ensure your infrastructure can support Jira Align version 10.114.2 and beyond. You may perform this upgrade as soon as possible.

Objectives tree (new experience): Hierarchy view for goals

We've updated the new objectives tree experience to show you the parent-child hierarchy for a selected goal. Select the Actions RNs_10113_Actions.png icon to the right of a strategic goal to display its hierarchy view. Parent and child items will display as cards, organized as a family tree. To view additional levels, select the green arrow RNs_10113_GreenArrow.png icon next to a card. 


Objectives tree (new experience): Columns shown and Export buttons

We’ve added a Columns shown menu to the new objectives tree experience, above the grid of items.


Use this dropdown to show or hide the following columns on the page:

  • Status
  • Work progress
  • Key results progress
  • Key results
  • Program Increment
  • Owner
  • Team
  • Target Completion
  • Actions

In addition, we’ve made exporting your data easier by creating a dedicated Export button, found next to the Columns shown dropdown. 

Objectives tree (legacy experience) enhancements

To align the way solution-level objectives work between experiences, we’ve updated the legacy objectives tree experience. Now, the Solution Objectives tab is visible when using the legacy experience, even when the portfolio selected in the Configuration bar has the Admin > Platform > Portfolio > Portfolio Specific Configuration > Enable Capabilities option set to No. Objectives may be linked in the following manner, depending on the Enable Capabilities setting.

Capabilities are not enabled

  • Solution objectives may be parented by portfolio objectives.
  • Program objectives may be parented by portfolio objectives.
  • Program objectives may not be parented by solution objectives.

Capabilities are enabled

  • Solution objectives may be parented by portfolio objectives.
  • Program objectives may be parented by solution objectives.
  • Program objectives may not be parented by portfolio objectives.

We also improved the consistency between experiences for the visibility of filters. Now, the legacy experience will display any selections made in the Apply Filters menu at the top of the page:


Features now on by default

The following list of the functionality previously required enablement by our support or services teams during the initial configuration of Jira Align. This functionality is now permanently enabled and no longer requires manual changes.

  • The Why button may be used with a Jira Software connector custom field mapping, and when set up, syncs key information from Jira Align to teams working in Jira. This information answers questions like, "Why am I building this functionality, what strategy or objective is this tied to, and what is the value we’re trying to achieve?"

Jira connector timer minimum and maximum values

We added minimum and maximum values to Jira Software connector timer settings, to ensure optimal sync cycle times. If a timer setting is outside one of these new ranges, you’ll be prompted to update the timer the next time you change your connector settings.

  • Timer on Jira Boards
    • Minimum 60 minutes
    • Maximum 1440 mins
  • Timer on Jira Issues
    • Minimum 3 minutes
    • Maximum 120 minutes
  • Timer on continuous push to Jira
    • Minimum 1 minute
    • Maximum 120 minutes

Most Jira Align instances have settings for issues and continuous push within these ranges already, but we've noticed multiple Jira board settings below the minimum. This controls the sync of recently created or updated Jira boards, sprints, and fix versions, but requires a significant number of API calls, and can slow overall sync times. While working with users who had large data sets, we saw that an increase in the board timer setting reduced sync cycle times by as much as 25%.

Jira connector: AND field now required

When setting up a JQL query on the Jira Integration tab in Jira Settings, the AND field is now required. 


API 2.0: Snapshots endpoints updated

The GET, POST, PUT, and PATCH Snapshot endpoints have been extended to include Funding Levels and Work Structure fields.

API 2.0: Release endpoints updated

The GET, POST and PUT Release endpoints have been extended to include Program Allotment and Program fields.

Default program increment image updated for roadmaps

We’ve updated the default image that displays at the top of each program increment when using the Program Increment view of the Roadmaps page. This change updates the default to Atlassian branding and corrects some load failures we identified in our performance logs.



Defect Fixes

The list of defect fixes will be updated to reflect changes in weekly maintenance releases. You can see the contents of individual maintenance releases in the Supplemental Release Notes section.

Key Summary Release Version
JIRAALIGN-3102 Platform Terminology: Strategic Backlog NPV column doesn't respect Currency Symbol 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-3138 Jira Integration: Error in JQL query 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-3606 Hard to add users in Analysts/Approvers in Hypothesis tab 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-3914 Program Tracking report - Overlapping/Unreadable Text with special character in title or description 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4143 The legacy view and new experience UI for the Objective tree should behave in the same way 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4148 Ampersand character displayed improperly for Programs 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4199 Jira Align is incorrectly saving Capability Links into tblAgileLinks with ObjectType = 1 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4252 Clicking "Removal Jira Key All" on Jira Management Jira Deleted Issues Page does not remove Jira keys 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4253 Roadmaps notes for Capabilities are different from Capability Status Report notes 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4271 Multiple Programs on Configuration bar for Roadmap View Results on Misleading Message 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4293 When updating Program's portfolioId via API, its Solution does not get cleared, resulting in a duplicate in Tier 1 filter 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4304 Key Results: while trying to update the KR on an objective, the error "Response Buffer Limit Exceeded" is thrown 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4349 The "Delete All" button does not work on the 'Jira Deleted Issues' 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4351 API: User endpoint inconsistencies on Solution Team 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4352 Changing a Portfolio or Solution Objective to a different Tier fails to clear original Tier ID resulting in API errors 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4370 Jira sync sometimes converts special characters to their unicode formats 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4373 When the ADO connector creates an Agile Team, it defaults to Track by Hours 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4394 Team Dependency Map: Sprint/Date field shows 'NONE' as a value in the REQUESTED column 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4403 REST API PATCH and PUT methods remove the values of fields that are not visible in the UI 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4411 Acceptance criteria status 'not started' and 'failed' have the same color in the Status Report 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4413 Roadmap: Group By Objective doesn't show the objective name for Epics/Capabilities when using a Themes/Epics as filter 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4417 Roadmap configuration - Other Options, Group by dropdown - Strategic Driver terminology doesn't reflect Platform terminology 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4419 Incorrect Message in Azure DevOps Log Report: More than one Jira Align Feature (xxx,yyy,...) associated with the ADO Feature zzz 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4436 Creating an Epic via API ignores multiple customfields 10.113.0
JIRAALIGN-4378 Roadmaps: Portfolio/Solution Objectives do not appear in the Milestones modal if there is a program selected in the Configuration bar 10.113.1
JIRAALIGN-4380 Backlog Features kanban view: Too much features in one state causes Response Buffer Limit Exceeded 10.113.1
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