Upcoming changes to Jira Align .NET requirements for on-premise instances in 10.114.0


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To comply with Microsoft’s upcoming end-of-support status for .NET 3.1, we will be updating Jira Align’s .NET version requirement for customers managing their own on-premise instance. The new version requirement is .NET 6.

With this in mind, Jira Align version 10.114.0 and above will require .NET 6. Before upgrading to Jira Align 10.114.2, which will be available to on-premise users on December 7, 2022, you must ensure that the infrastructure that hosts Jira Align has .NET 6 installed.

You may upgrade your infrastructure as soon as desired, as versions 10.112.2 and 10.113.2 will support both .NET 3.1 and .NET 6 simultaneously.

Thanks in advance, and please don't hesitate to reach out to the Jira Align Support Team for further clarification if you have any other questions.

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